Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fishing has been Great!!

 We went camping Easter Weekend with our little Sunline Travel Trailer. It was great to have a "little home" away from home. Todd and I have also been fishing a lot lately! The fishing has been great!We have caught a lot of different species of fish; sunfish, blue gill, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, brown trout, rock bass, pumpkinseeds, creek chubs and catfish! Todd will post soon about where we have been and what we have been using. We have been having a great time. A few pictures are below! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Planning Process

Well, we have begun our planning process for this summer's adventures! We have started to plan what state parks and creeks we plan to visit. Most are going to be within 50 miles of Dillsburg, but we might venture further. We purchased a 1983 Sunline Camper at the beginning of the 2012. It is a small 13ft camper that will be great just for the two of us! We plan on fixing it up a little, but right now it is pretty amazing shape.

We are so excited for March to get here so we can start our fishing adventures. Todd can't stop thinking about all the fun we are going to have. We plan on doing a large stretch of the Swatara Creek. We want to start at Jonestown and work our way down to the Susquehanna River. This will be broken up in multiple day trips and maybe an over night.

Well that is all for now. We will be sure to update this with our plans for the summer and the results of our fishing trips!